Model railroad accessories enhance model railroads' visual and operational realism. Portland Car & Foundry offers a widely diverse line of HO scale model railroad accessories. We have developed many of our specialty items during   custom car problem-solving sessions. For example, our brass baggage car end doors eliminate the unsightly "gap-osis" we encountered with standard Athearn baggage  and BME railroad cars. The products listed here represent the best in the Steam and Transition Era.
Mfg. Pt. No. Description Price Status
BTS 447H20730 5 gallon cans $1.00 I/S
BTS 447H20926 Business posters various 1930-1948 $1.50 I/S
BTS 447H20928 Business posters various 1930-1948 $1.50 I/S
BTS Various BTS supplies a number of parts not yet listed in this section: stoves, door knobs, oil drums
CMW 421H30294 1953 Ford delivery truck (dark green $11.00 S/O
CMW 421H30293 1953 Ford REA delivery truck $11.00 S/O
CMW 421H30253 1953 Ford Country Squire (black) $11.00 S/O
CMW 421H30196 1936 Ford 4 door sedan (black) $11.00 S/O
CMW 421H30199 1936 Ford 4 door cab (Yellow Cab) $11.00 S/O
CMW 421H30233 1941 Chevrolet Pickup truck (red)  $15.00 S/O
CMW 421H30267 1941 Chevrolet Pickup truck (Brewster Green $15.00 S/O
CFNG 447H0327 Industrial Acetylene Cutting torch set with cart $10.00 I/S
DTW 435HRB919 Rail braces adjustable (12) $2.00 I/S
DTW 435HJB921919 3 bolt rail bar fishplates (12) $2.00 I/S
DTW 435HJB922 2 Bolt rail bar fish plates $2.00 I/S
EVHD 461H0508 RD-8 Cat - requires skill to construct this kit $33.00 S/O
GTL 430H5033 Baggage wagon kit (1) $3.25 I/S
JRDN 460H0208* 1913 Ford Model T pumper / chemical wagon $5.95 S/O
JRDN 460H0210 1923 Mack dump truck $8.95 S/O
JRDN 460H0212 1923 Mack tank truck $8.95 S/O
JRDN 460H0213 1925 Ford Pick up truck $5.95 S/O
JRDN 460H0213 1925 Ford Model TT panel truck $7.95 S/O
JRDN 460H0214 Ford Model AA REA truck $7.95 S/O
JRDN 460H0215 1925 Ford Model TT mail truck $7.95 S/O
JRDN 460H0217 1929 Model A sedan $6.95 S/O
JRDN 460H0220* 1923 MACH tillered Aerial Ladder $10.95 S/O
JRDN 460H0221* 1927 AHRENS-FOX engine (pumper)  $7.95 S/O
JRDN 460H0226 1920 Model T sedan $7.95 S/O
JRDN 460H0227 1923 Mack Hi-lift coal dump truck $8.95 S/O
JRDN 460H0236 1928 Model A sedan $7.95 S/O
JRDN 460H0237* 1924 American LaFrance engine (pumper)*** $8.95 S/O
JRDN 460H0238 Ford Model TT 1923 truck $7.95 S/O
JRDN 460H0239 Ford Model AA gasoline truck $7.95 S/O
JRDN 460H0240 Ford Model A pickup $7.95 S/O
JRDN 460H0241 1914 Model T touring car $7.95 S/O
JRDN 460H0303 Eire type B steam shovel $24.95 S/O
JRDN 460H0304 Erie type B-2 steam crane $24.95 S/O
***Fire service equipment works twenty year on first line call, works 5 years on standby, and 5 years reserve status before mandatory retirement. 
KD 480H0246 2-56 tap and drill set  $7.00 I/S
KD 480H0247 1-72 tap and drill set $7.00 I/S
KD 480H0780 0-80 tap and drill set $7.00 I/S
KD 480H1059 00-90 tap and drill set $7.00 I/S
PC&F 404H0077 #77 drill bit mounted on paper safety strip - the drill bit is also included in all PC&F rolling stock kits $0.80 I/S
PC&F 404H7425 DCC / DC caboose lighting kit - Tomar lanterns with jewels, solid state circuit board. Interior light included $37.95 I/S
PC&F 410H4575 Brass caboose steps, straight ladders, and stack for low height cabeese.  $9.95 I/S
PC&F 605H2017 Interior kit for Great Northern 25 ft. truss rod caboose, including stove, stack and lockers $8.95 I/S
RPDO 406H102003 Full length wide lighting bar for all heavy weight passenger cars - Use DCC Electronics conversion kit of DC / DCC lighting using BCW insulated all metal trucks $16.00 I/S
RPDO 406H102013 Shorty narrow lighting bar for all heavy weight passenger cars - Use DCC Electronics conversion kit of DC / DCC lighting using BCW insulated all metal trucks $16.00 I/S
RCKO 436H38363 1931 Model K Lincoln convertible sedan, black - top down $17.00 S/O
RCKO 436H38981 1931 Model K Lincoln convertible sedan, gray - top up $17.00 S/O
SCM 433H1627 "RED" farm tractors circa 1946 (2) $9.00 S/O
SCM 433H1640 Post-war fuel truck $9.00 S/O
SCM 433H1644 Post-war delivery truck $9.00 S/O
SCM 433H1345 Post-war milk truck $9.00 S/O
WLSC 485H0218 1914 Diamond T grain truck $13.00 S/O
WLSC 485H0242 1914 Diamond T tank truck $13.00 S/O
WLTS 490H10452 Railroad figures from Steam And Transition Era (6) $16.99 S/O
WLTS 490H1014009 Pre-painted seated passengers $42.00 S/O
WLTS 490H1014008 Pre-painted standing passengers $42.00 S/O
WHKS 478H96106 1932 Ford Roadster - top up $12.95 S/O
WHKS 478H96114 1937 Ford Panel truck - REA $12.95 S/O
WHKS 478H96127 1937 Ford flat bed truck $13.95 S/O
WHKS 478H96129 1937 Ford dump truck $14.50 S/O
Please note: Nearly any part desired is available either from Walthers, or a wide variety of specialty manufactures. PC&F is a recognized manufacturer of HO (and some N scale products) and has access to dozens of small companies such as Tomar Industries
                                                  Wood roof walk and end doors for Accurail box cars